Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blue Christmas with Sinful Colors

Hey ladies!

Hope your having a fabulous holiday season! I have been burning the candle at both ends working a record of like 76 or so hours a week between both my jobs. Whew, am I ready for a break! But I just keep picturing dollar signs so I will have enough money to pay for my wedding next year. (Fingers crossed LOL)

For Some reason I just felt like having a little blue in my life and wanted to try some of the new Sinful Colors polishes I picked up the other day from Walgreens. I was so glad I did!! I found two awesome polishes that I totally fell in love with. 

Here is a photo of the polishes I used.  Starting with the one on the left it is Ice Dream. I used this on top of the polish in the middle which is Rainstorm on my pointer finger. I LOVED Ice Dream! It looks so gorgeous and sparkling in the lighting at work. People could not stop staring at it! Rainstorm applied fabulously and was opaque in 2 coats. Can't beat that! Then for my all time favorite BLUE STEEL, which I used on my ring finger and my thumb (not shown) What did I love about this color??? Hmmm besides the awesome name (think ZOOLANDER LOL), I loved the metallic blue hue it had and it also applied fantastically. All in all I LOVED this manicure I just wish I would have remembered to clean the excess polish off my cuticles before taking pics. I feel like I don't even see it in person and then I take the picture and I am like WTF where did all that extra polish come from! Here's a couple more shots and if I don't end up posting again before Christmas, I hope everyone  has a beautiful one!!!! 

XOXO Jeannie 

Friday, November 15, 2013

New Bundle Monster Stamps and Shades of Gray

Hello to all my favorite bloggers!! Oh how I have missed you! I recently went on a trip to visit some of my bestie's in California and for some reason all that flying just made me have a million shades of gray and steel stuck in my head!

Of course I couldn't just stamp. I had some metal studs calling my name and a silver glitter Essie polish that I can't seem to leave alone.

I used the love stamp on Bundle Monster's plate BM412 along with Konad's Red Special stamping polish on top of Illamasqua's white polish called Scorch on my ring finger and added 2 black rhinestones as well. Then I used 3 coats of Essie's gorgeous silver glitter, Set in Stones on my Pinky for some needed bling.

Next I used two coats of Kleancolors dark gray, Charcoal, on  my thumb, Orly's Decoded on my pointer finger, and OPI's I Don't Give A Rotterdam on my middle finger. 

Next I added some triangle metal studs and then I finally had enough bling to curb even my insatiable hunger for glitz!

 Lastly, I used to coats of Out The Door Top coat and my look was complete. Unfortunately I was totally saddened because the metal studs did not travel well. LOL I had already lost most of them by the time I actually made it to California! Seeing as this time I had only used clear polish to attach them, maybe next time I will try nail glue for better longevity. Anyways, I ended up loving the finished look. I can't wait to try out more stamps from Bundle Monster's 4th set. What do you guys think???

XOXO Jeannie 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Dripping Paint

Hey Bloggers!!! I'm so happy to be back. My phone broke, which is unfortunately my only digital camera source so I had to wait while a new one came in. Today's inspiration came from a couple of things. I was going to my first ever wine and canvas party for a friend's Bachelorette party. I could not ever describe how excited I was to paint an actual painting on canvas and everything. Which then made me think of this super cute manicure I kept seeing on Pinterest of dripping paint. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it again to link it LOL. 

Just a little something to keep you tied over until I get myself  back in order here. LOL Also for some reason I don't have any of the polish names I used either. Sorry this post was kind of a major fail all around. Hopefully I will find them and add it to the comments or edit. Hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gia Dots

Hi Chickies!!!

Today I have a fun manicure using one of my favorite red polishes. Now that the weather has changed I am really starting to feel a lot more fallish LOL I even baked cookies this week! (Now that is saying something because I am the world's worst baker)

This is 2 coats of Zoya's beautiful red in Gia on my thumb, pointer and pinky finger. I just love this polish. It's definitely the exact red I think of when I think of beautiful red manicures. I then put 3 coats of OPI by Sephora's White Hot polish on my middle and ring finger. Even after 3 coats I still felt like it came out streaky, but since I knew I was putting dots on it I figured it was fine.

I used two sized dotting tools to make the dots on my middle and ring finger. lastly since I couldn't live without a little sparkle I used Kleancolor's Red Hot to add some sparkle on my pinky finger.

The sparkle is really hard to see in the pictures for some reason, but it is really pretty in person because it has all different sized glitter flakes in it. (I found a better picture of it from a previous post HERE)  If you don't have it already it is definitely an awesome one to add to your collection...
Lastly just as a PS to myself, I have a couple of pictures of products that I have totally loved using and thought I might share with you all as well in case it was something you were debating upon. (Hope you don't mind that I strayed a bit LOL)
As you can see I have used up just about all of this hand lotion. It retails for about $16 from places like Birchbox or Sephora. Due to the glycerin it does have a bit of a funky smell at first but it quickly dissipates and I loved how it feels on my hands and cuticles.
I used this Smashbox Dark Spot Correcting primer for several months and absolutely loved it! Not only did it feel great on and do a good job as a primer under my make up but it also actually made a noticeable difference on some of the old acne scars I had. Unfortunately, it didn't a thing for all the freckles I was hoping would disappear, but I'm not entirely sure that was a realistic expectation in the first place LOL. I am totally sad to be out of this. It retails for $42 at Ulta and Sephora, so I guess I will just have to cave and get more soon.

I'm going to try this Pores No More next by Benefit and see if it really does all it promises...

And since I seem to have posted pictures of everything else today, here is a picture of the cookies I was so excited actually came out. They were Raspberry Thumbprints. (Someone obviously ate some of these before I could even take a picture LOL) That's it for now! Enjoy your week and thanks for reading! It totally makes my day XOXO

Monday, September 9, 2013

Nails Inc Bling It On Kit

Hello Ladies!!!

You will be happy to know my internet has finally been restored woohoo!!! While I was super happy about that, of couse, you know he came on Friday when I was supposed to be doing my nails to get ready for the wedding I had that afternoon. Luckily for me I still had not used my Nails Inc Bling it On Romance Kit yet that I got on clearance at Sephora a month or so ago. I figured this would be the perfect time to bust it out since I was really short on time and needed my nails to look great all weekend. I had both a wedding on Friday and a bridal shower to go to on Sunday.

Sorry for the crappy picture, like I said ATT took forever, so I was freaking out with the short amount of time I had left to get ready once he left. I ended up loving this kit though. It came with two mini polishes both of which were completely opaque in 2 quick coats and were the great quality you come to expect from Nails Inc. My absolute favorite though had to be the bows!!! They just look so great on and I can't tell you the endless amounts of compliments I got on them. You will be happy to know it came with the glue and orange sticks to attach any of the extra accessories you want. Also, I am thrilled to report that I still have everything properly attached today!!! (Monday, 3 days later... even after surviving a somewhat druken Friday night partying!) Now on to the pictures!

I decided to try out all the different accessories that came with the kit except one of them. They was one other type of rhinestone that came in this kit that is not shown. The kit even says that they use Swarovski gems, fancy huh?! LOL Aren't the bows adorable!!! I 'm also pretty sure you can reuse them since they are metal backed assuming you notice when they fall off and can keep them. What do you guys think? I ended up loving them and will definitely buy more of the kits if they also go on clearance again. Normal price was $25 I believe, which was a little high for my blood. But still might be worth it since you have enough things to get at least 3 different manicures out of if not more. I highly suggest this kit for anyone! It was so easy to use and literally came with everything you would need except for top coat.  Here's a couple more pics I snapped. Enjoy your week!!! XOXO

Friday, September 6, 2013

China Glaze Ikat Nails

Hey everyone! Due to my recent move and a complete screw up by AT&T, I still have no internet (don't even get me started on that...). Thus, I am forced to try to upload this from my phone. (Fingers crossed)

For this look I used China Glaze's That's Shore Bright. Isn't it a beautiful neon lavender! Kleancolor's Dolly Girl is the lavender glitter polish. Lastly I used Sinful Colors Shine in At Sea, Illamasqua's Scotch , n Wet n Wilds Ebony hates Chris to do the Ikat pattern and topped everything with a coat of OTD top coat.

Hope you guys like it! In the mean time I will just have to continue to yell at AT&T on a daily basis until internet can be restored. How annoying! I genuinely HATE being mean to anyone on the phone :( However, in this case they DEFINITELY deserve it ! Lol I better end this before it gets bad! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend XOXO

Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to school Matte Manicure

Hey gals!!!

Today I have a cute mani I did for my Goddaughter Kelsie on the night before her first day of 10th grade. She picked the colors she wanted and the accent nails. I think it came out adorable on her!!! 

Please excuse her cuticles. LOL either she had a nervous fit or that girl needs to drink more water!!! 

For the black polish I used 2 coats of Wet & Wild's Ebony Hates Chris. Then I put on 1 coat of OTD top coat. Once that dried she really wanted a matte finish so we put a coat of Essie's Matte Magic on top. I just loved it matte!!!! 

On the pointer finger she really wanted to use gold striping tape to create a smile line for the french effect.  On the ring finger I used one coat of Essie's Case Study. Then to give it more of a gold metallic effect I used one coat of Nails Inc Special Effects mirror metallic in Stratford. (This came out so gorgeous I was a little sad to do nail art on it LOL) I then used my dotting tool and Finger Paint's Sparkle and Snowflake to do the inside of the cheetah print and then more of Ebony Hates Chris to do the outline with a nail art brush. 

Turned out super cute right?! Hopefully it worked out for her and all her teenage friends thought so too LOL It kind of makes me want to paint my nails like this too! Especially since my nails are a hot mess right now since I spent the day painting a community center for the United Way's Day of Caring. It was super fun and an amazing cause. I definitely want to volunteer again next year!

On my way home I stopped by Carson's Clinique counter to buy some face soap and a pressed powder to take advantage of their Bonus Bag giveaway and I must say I am totally LOVING the freebie lipstick, Surprise, that came in it. It makes me can't wait for fall! Here's a quick lil' snapshot in case you are debating whether or not to buy something to get the free bag of goodies LOL. MUAH!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Liebster Award!

Hey guys, I've been nominated for a 'Liebster Award', it is awarded to bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The award helps blogs get more readers and become a bigger part of the blogging community which is always good!

A huge thank you to Lolli K  for nominating me! 

What to do:

1. Come up with 10 facts about yourself

2. You answer the 10 questions that your nominator gave you

3. Nominate  bloggers who have under 200 followers and link them in the post

4. Come up with 10 new questions for the nominees to answer

5. Inform the nominees so they can do their responses
So with out further ado, away we go....
10 Facts about me
1. I work full time as part of the retail management team of a bank.
2. I work part time at Sephora inside of JC Penney
3. I just got engaged in April!!!
4. I love to read young adult fiction despite being in my (very shhhh) late 20s.
5. I turn 30 at the end of October this year, YIKES!
6. I am half Filipino.
7. Both of my parents live in the Philippines on different islands.
8. My only sibling, my sister Diana, lives in Vegas. ( I miss her )
9. I have a million different hobbies which is very stressful for both my fiancé and my tiny apartment.
10. I am super embarrassed to tell anyone the address for my blog in person even if they ask me about my nails.
Lolli's Questions
1.) Moisturiser or Foundation? I must have both on like everyday LOL!!!
2.) Do you have a nickname? Jeannie pretty much is my nickname, Virginia is my real first name.
3.) Favourite band/artist? I have so many!!! Mostly I like pop artists like Katy Perry or Fun. I just love music in general. Usually there is something I find I enjoy in any genre.
4.) What is your favourite make up brand? OMG seriously... I work at Sephora so I have a sad addiction to something by almost every brand LOL
5.) Who is your favourite celebrity? Hmmmm male I would say currently I am obsessed with Channing Tatum and female probably Kristen Wig.
6.) What is your favourite film? My current favorite film is Pitch Perfect. I just loved the characters and the singing!
7.) Tea or Coffee? I love both, but if I had to pick one over the other I guess it would be coffee. Only if I could have flavored creamer along with it though.
8.) Would you rather do without TV or Internet? I guess I would rather go with out TV because I could always pull up my favorite shows from some website online.  
9.) When did you start blogging? February of last year so not too long ago. But I haven't really been super regular about it. Especially once I got a second job.
10.) Favourite hair product? I love clip in hair extensions!!! They are so fun :)
My Nominees:
My Questions:
1. What made you start your blog?
2. What type of camera do you use to take your pictures?
3. Who is your blog's biggest fan?
4. What is your one piece of make up that you could not live with out?
5. Zombies, Werewolves, or Vampires???
6. What is your all time favorite lunch?
7. What woman do you most admire?
8. What is your occupation?
9. What would your dream job be?
10. What is the best thing you have ever won?
Thanks again to Lolli K! I can't wait to read everyone's awesome answers :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Dots on Stripes and some more Sephora Sale Goodies

Hi Ladies!!!!

Today I have a new manicure that was so fun to do. I don't know why, probably just my love of all things glitter LOL.



For this manicure I used OPI's I'm Indi-A Mood For Love, which is a gorgeous pink, on my thumbs, middle and ring finger. I used 2 coats even though it was opaque with one and OTD top coat.

Next I used Essie's awesome silver glitter polish called Set in Stone on my pinkie and pointer fingers. It took me 3 coats to get a totally opaque glitter nail. I absolutely can not abdicate this glitter polish enough. With just 1 coat of OTD top coat it was completely smooth unlike most glitter polishes which seem to just eat up all your top coat and are still textured no matter how many coats you use.  Lastly, I used Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris to draw the lines and my dotting tool to make the black dots. Then I used Illamaqua Scorch to do the smaller white dots inside of the black dots. I totally love this retro print!

Just in case anyone was wondering the black flower is for your hair and can be found at The Icing on clearance for $1.88. I also got some more polishes from Sephora inside of JCP because their Sephora by OPI polishes that were already marked down 50% off to $4.50 are even cheaper now and are on sale 3 for $10 making them about $3.33 woohoo!!!

As you can see, I couldn't just buy 3 lol somehow I ended up with 6, whoops! Sorry the picture wasn't very good! I got (from left to right) Metro Too Chic, Chestnuts About You, White Hot, Never Enough Sleep, Traffic Stopper Copper,  & To the Glitter End at the very top. Enjoy your weekends!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Second Chance at Water Marbling

Hello Dolls!

Today I was so happy to be able to give water marbling a second try. If you look back on my blog you will see I haven't attempted it for over a year when my first try came out pretty lack luster. I am happy to say that this year's came out much better than last year's. Let's just say that you won't catch me putting up a video tutorial of the process any time soon since I would have to bleep out all the obscenities that may have come out of my mouth during this process LOL.

It is truly amazing to me how you can use the same exact polish colors in the same exact order and get something so different each time?! I guess I will try to work on my consistency for next time.

The polishes I used for this water marbling are as follows (there were a lot, sorry!)
Periwinkle color- Loreal Royalty Reinvented
Yellow- Zoya Pippa (I just love this yellow cream)
Neon Green - Dots Spectra Green
Blue- Zoya Yummy
Red- Essie Raspberry
I didn't really use any rhyme or reason when dropping the colors into the water. I just knew that I wanted to avoid putting the red and green directly next to one another because I didn't want it to turn out looking like Christmas. Hope you like it! Since this try wasn't as hideous maybe I won't wait an entire year to try this again. Enjoy your day XOXO

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nude & Neon Stripes

Hey lovely ladies!

I had a super busy week this week between working and getting to see some of my family lately. I wanted a quick manicure that would still pop. Since it was summer, I definitely needed neons for this. Unfortunately, even the brightest neon yellow I owned didn't really work as well as I wanted it to. If I try this again I will definitely try using a white underneath any of the neons to help it show up better.

For this manicure I used striping tape to get the straight lines. Polish used included Sinful Colors Neon melon and Essie Case study. I wish I would have had thicker striping tape to make thicker lines, though. After I removed the tape I tried to add a little thickness to the neon yellow lines free hand, but that didn't work out so well, FAIL! 

All in all I didn't really care for how this manicure turned out. It seemed much nicer in my head before I actually tried it out LOL I'm going to try water marbling (my second try) next to hopefully that will turn out much better. But I guess they can't all be winners.  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sinful Colors Dotticure

Hey Dolls!

So the other day I was at work and this girl came in with the most gorgeous neon purple polish I had ever seen. So of course I had to ask her what color she was wearing and how I could get my hands on it! Sadly, she did not know the name of it because she had gotten them done somewhere, but thought it was a China Glaze color. Then she also told me that you could get it at Walgreens. I was so confused, because I don't know about your Walgreens, but mine definitely does not carry China Glaze.

After scouring all the China Glaze polish images I could find on the internet,  I had zero success. Bummer right?! Since I had to go to Walgreens anyways I figured I would just look around and see if I could find anything that looked like it at all and low and behold I found it! It was NOT China Glaze though LOL and I already owned it, Go Figure!

I don't think the picture really does the color any justice, but I promise if you saw it in person, you would want it!!! Here is the polishes I used below.

From left to right is Sinful Colors Dream On (yes this was the color I searched and searched for LOL), Sinful Shine Skinny Dip, Illamasqua Scorch, and Zoya Gaia.

I used 3 coats of Dream On on all my fingers except the ring finger. Then I used 1 coat of Scorch and 1 coat of Gaia on my ring finger to get a nice soft golden glowing white. I then used Out The Door Top Coat to seal it all and get it to dry faster.

Next I used a larger ended dotting tool and some of the Scorch polish to make white dots down the center of all of my nails but the ring fingers. Once those dried I took a smaller dotting tool and Skinny Dip to do the small blue dots in the center of each white dot.

Lastly, I took the larger dotting tool and some Dream On polish to make dots in kind of an "S" shape on my ring fingers. I then used the smaller dotting tool to dot Scorch on the center of the Dream on dots and made 2 little dots with Skinny Dip. Then I covered everything with OTD top coat. Pretty quick and easy. I'm so glad I finally figured out what purple she had on or it would have driven me CRAZY!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Neon Sugar Spun French

Hey gals! I'm back with a super cute neon french! I loved adding the sugar spun detail because it really made the whole thing pop for the summer.

This manicure was probably one of the easiest ones I have ever done. I had to put on about 3 coats of each neon to get them to really show. The neon polishes I used are shown below.

From Left to right is Sinful colors Irish Green and Neon Melon, Dots Neon Orange, Sinful Colors Savage, and Funky Fingers Pop Artist.

I just used a striping black polish whose name escapes me right now. I put a few drops on a plastic baggy and waited for it to dry enough to get sticky and make long strings as you pulled the brush away to give it the spun sugar effect.

Hope you like them! I had a lot of fun doing this one and it really wasn't messy at all. You just need a little patience. Lastly I covered everything with OTD top coat.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sephora Sale

Hey Ladies!!! Just wanted to share some of the goodies I got on sale and clearance from my local Sephora inside of JC Penney this week :)

The Sephora by OPI polish was about 50% off so they were on sale for $4.50 instead of the regular $9.50. The Nails Inc mirror shines were all the way down to $1.99. Lastly the Bling it On Kit in Romance was a steal at only $11.99. I just love the gorgeous bows that come with it! Hope you guys find some awesome deals as well!!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer French

Hello to all my fellow polish loving peeps!

Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July. I was stuck working but at least we closed by 6 so I could still have a little fun. I haven't gotten around to posting my 4th of July mani yet, but I loved this one I just did way more so I figured since I was late with the 4th of July post anyways what does it matter if it's even later he he he.

with flash

This was a very quick and easy manicure using only 2 polishes, Dots (the clothing store) polish in Neon Orange and Sinful Colors Unicorn.

without flash

First I used the Neon Orange to do the French manicure. This is one of my favorite polishes to use in the summer because it is so bright and fun. It kind of reminds me of the color of a traffic cone.

Next I used my dotting tool to make the dots along the smile line with Unicorn. What a fun name, but am I the only one who thought it would have some magical sparkles or something in it?!  Lastly I used 2 coats of OTD fast dry top coat to seal it all in and then I could finally go to bed! Whew! Hope y'all are having a great summer :)