Thursday, November 12, 2015

Formula X Infinite Ombre

I know it's been forever but I just thought you all would want to know that the Formula X Infinite Ombre set went on clearance at the Sephora inside JCPs! I was able to get mine for only $13.99! They only had one left at my local JCP so hopefully you can get your hands on one for this awesome price if you were holding out on spending the original $25. Can't wait to share some of the manicures with you.


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

China Glaze's Turned Up Turquoise Chevron Mani

Hello Sunshines!

Today I have a quick manicure for you using China Glaze's Turned Up Turquoise as the main color.

To start this manicure I used two coats of Butter London's West End Wonderland which is that gorgeous gold glitter you see peeking through at the top of the nail. I love the fine grade of the glitter in this polish because it doesn't leave much texture which is just what you need for layering. Plus it dries super quick. Next I used Illamasqua's Scorch to paint a big X on all my nails except the ring finger. I filled in the bottom of the nail from the X down to make the first chevron. I tried to keep this to one coat because I didn't want it to be too thick. Scorch worked pretty well for this. I just had a few streaks that I went back and touched up a bit,

On the ring finger I put a coat of Formula X's Law of Attraction polish on first, which added to the gold glitter and had a few darker glitter specks mixed in. I was going to just leave that as the accent nail, but then I went ahead and used China Glaze's Turned Up Turquoise to to make the first chevron on my ring finger.

I set those coats of polish with my Out The Door fast drying top coat. Then I used Turned Up Turqoise to finish do the last chevron on my nails. I did the same thing with Scorch on my ring finger as well.

Hope you like the end product! You can find me on twitter and Instagram as Geniewtdbh. 

Enjoy these last few summer days! 



Friday, July 10, 2015

Formula X Waterfall Manicure

Hello Gorgeous!

Today I have one of my favorite manicures I have done so far to share with you all. It combines sponge gradient and waterfall techniques.

On my pointer and middle finger I started with two coats of  Formula X's  Farenheit. This is a darker red toned polish. I then used to two coats of Illamasqua's Scorch polish on my thumb and pinkie finger which is a gorgeous bright white creme polish. Once they dried, I used two coats of Formula X's Chaotic to add the black spot details. This is honestly one of my favorite black and white nails looks because the different size specks just give the nail such a cool, edgy, almost graffiti like look. Definitely my favorite of this type of polish in any brand, hands down. I then took a clean sponge and some black nail art polish and sponged along the upper portion of my pointer and middle finger close to the cuticle line. Once that dried I used Formula X's Sephora Rouge polish, which is a bright red polish to sponge on the tips of my pointer and middle finger to give it that bright pop of red. I absolutely loved this gradient. The bright red at the tip really made it come to life. 

Lastly I used white and silver glitter art polish to do the waterfall stripes at the tops of my pointer and middle finger. For the ring finger I did a gel rockstar nail using Cartwright's Ultra Fine glitter in Very Cranberry. For a top coat I used Out The Door so everything dried super speedy!

What do you guys think? Hope you are having a great summer!!!



Friday, July 3, 2015

4th of July Nails

Hello Gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog! Today I did a quick and easy manicure for 4th of July. 

The red polish I used is a gelshine polish from Sephora by OPI called High Maintenance. The white polish is a generic white gel polish I got off of EBAY for like a dollar. I did two coats of a blue specks polish by Formula X on top of the white called TNT. Lastly I had painted a star on my pointer finger using a silver glitter nail art polish. I just love the shine that gel polishes give off, if only they weren't so hard on your nails. What are you guys sporting on your nails this 4th?

Have a fabulous and safe holiday! I know I personally will be cringing every time a firework goes off near me. After getting hit in the head with a random cardboard tube from a parachute guy firework a few summers ago from a whole field away, I am terrified of anything flying at my head. You should have seen me when I went to the Cubs game last week every time a foul ball got hit. YIKES! 


Sunday, June 21, 2015

China Glaze Neons

Hi all!

Today I have a super bright manicure using almost all China Glaze polishes. The picture is a bit messy, so I apologize for that but I just loved all the bright colors in this manicure too much not to share! 

First I did two coats of a white polish so the neons would show up brighter and look opaque. The white polish I used was Illamasqua's Scorch. Once that dried I used China Glaze's shocking pink on my thumb and pointer finger. On my middle finger I did a sponge gradient using China Glaze's Shocking Pink, and Sun-Kissed (neon yellow). The teal was a polish I picked up at Dots called Light Green. On my ring finger I used the same polishes as the middle finger but added a bright purple by China Glaze called That's Shore Bright and my dotting tool. Lastly, on my pinkie I did a sugar spun nail mixing the polishes as well. Hope you guys like it! Seemed appropriate for the longest day of the year today. 



Friday, June 19, 2015

China Glaze's Turned Up Turquoise


Miracle of all miracles I have actually had a chance to post two days in a row!! Today I have a quick manicure for you using China Glaze's Turned Up Turquiose and some chevrons with silver and white polish. 

This is two coats of China Glaze's Turned Up Turquoise on each finger. The white polish is Sinful Color's Snow Me White and I used scotch tape to make out the chevrons. Then I used the silver glitter striping polish to outline. Please ignore the dry crypt keeper claw appearance of my fingers. Apparently I totally forgot to lotion up before this picture and I get eczema so bad on my ring finger. Does this happen to any of you? Any lotions that you adore using to keep the dry skin away? I am currently using Eucerin and that works OK as long as I remember to actually use it!



Thursday, June 18, 2015

Essie Under-Where?

Hi all!!

I was on the hunt for a light pink, lavender polish after falling in love with one of my coworkers manicures. Unfortunately, she had gotten them done at a shop where they cover all the polish labels so she could not tell me exactly what polish it was! After perusing Ebay for awhile the closest color I could find was Under-Where? by Essie. I believe it was a part of their 2013 Summer color collection. I paid about $4.50 for the polish online. 

This manicure is three coats of Essie Under-Where? on my thumb, pointer and pinkie finger and 3 coats of Formula X Harmonics on my middle and ring finger. The difference between the two polishes was a lot more pronounced before I tried free handing the chevron designs on. 

This polish was pretty close to what I was looking for, but I still think hers may have been a bit more pink and glowed more in lighting . While I do love these polishes, I think sadly the hunt is still on for a match. Hope y'all are having a great summer so far! Nothing but rain, rain, and more rain in Indiana these days!! 



Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sinful Colors Neon Melon & Formula X Wonderment

Hello !

I have a super bright manicure for you today in hopes it would make the sun come out. 

For the first step I used 2 coats of Formula X's Wonderment. Then once that dried (it didn't take long due to the matte formula) I put 2 coats of Sinful Colors Neon Melon on the thumb, pointer, and pinkie finger. I also put it on the middle and ring finger but only half way up. Neon Melon is a bright neon yellow, but for some reason when I put it over Wonderment, it kind of turned into a Shrek Green kind of color. I then used my dotting tools and Funky Fingers  Wild Child to do some fun dotting on the ring, middle, and thumb. I was kind of mad because I somehow managed to smear the leaves on my thumb before the picture got taken. ARGHhhh.

On a more exciting note, I got some really fun gratis from work the other day! 

No nail items, but I was really excited for all the lip products that's for sure! The bag was super cute and I can not wait to try out the Pro Contour brush #79.

I also finally finished the baby blanket I was crocheting for my friend's son finally!

 So these are the things that have been been keeping me busy, how about you guys? Do you have lots of things planned to keep you busy this summer? Hopefully mine at least includes some beach or pools days.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Orly Neon Orange Nail Gradient

Hello lovelies!

Here's another short sweet post with a quick nail gradient. Can you tell I am totally aching for some hot weather. I will gladly take anything over 59 degrees! 

This is two coats of Purity by Illamasqua. I then used a spong to do a couple of coats of Sun of a Peach by China glaze from about the center of my nail down. Lastly I used the other side of the sponge to do the very tip of the nail with Mayhem Mentality by Orly. The metallic polish on my ring finger is Law of Attraction by Formula X. I then used a nail art brush and black polish to paint on the zebra and cheetah print. Lastly I used Deborah Lippmann Hard Rock as my top coat for a super glossy finish. 

I ended up loving this bright manicure! Hope you guys did as well! 


Monday, April 27, 2015

Teal Gradient Nail

Hi sunshines!

Just a short and sweet entry today. The weather is starting to get nice and nothing makes me think summer more than gorgeous teals and sea greens.

First I did 2 coats of Formula X, Wonderment. It is a neutral matte finish with a very faint pink micro shimmer to it. It first seemed to go on pretty streaky and chalky. (I hated it matte but love it with a top coat and it totally hid the streaks!) Then I used a nail polish I got from Dots, called Light Green and for the darkest part of the gradient I sponged on Wildchild, by Funky Fingers at the very tips. Lastly, on the ring finger I free handed a design using a small nail art brush. Two coats of Deborah Lippmann's Hardrock for top coat and I was done! Hope you like it! You can find this on Instagram under #paintedpinkies or follow me @Geniewtdbh.



Sunday, March 22, 2015

Vegas and San Francisco Trip

Hey there you gorgeous bloggers!

So I know this isn't a nail post. Sorry for those who are disappointed, but I always feel like some of my favorite blogs to read are the ones that also share a little about themselves and what else is going on in their lives. Plus, I was so busy on vacation so I actually kept my manicure from my last post on for over 9 days. Unbelievable right?! 

This week I was so lucky to go to Vegas for five days to spend with my sister, Diana. I got an amazing deal on my flight on Southwest. Chicago to Las Vegas was only $69 each way!!! You can not beat that!

Then for three days we both went to San Francisco to visit our friend, Kristine. Even better, my friend Vanessa was able to hop over from Los Angeles for the three days as well. 

Here's a little photo montage of my trip...

This is me bonding with my nephewdog, Roscoe Jenkins. This was actually the first time I actually got to meet him even though my sister has had him for like 5 years. He is the sweetest French Bull Dog you will ever meet. 

These were to of my favorite things I picked up at the outlets in Las Vegas!!! They had some great deals. :D

This was my favorite dessert, fresh mini donuts from an amazing steak house in Vegas called Herbs & Rye. We went during happy hour so our steaks were half off too!!! Mmmmm I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! 

These are the sourdough bread bears from Boudin Bakery at the Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.

This is a shot of the gorgeous day I spent in Napa Valley wine tasting. This specific winery is Artesi. I could have sat outside in all that greenery all day! So much better than the Chicago weather right now.

After all that drinking I sure needed a good meal, and the Freemont Diner in Sonoma did not disappoint! It sure didn't look like much from the outside, but man was their food delicious! We calorie splurged on Oyster Po'Boys, freshly made dill potato chips, spicy fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and my favorite, fried brussel sprouts. 

How did you guys spend your St. Patrick's day??? 



Sunday, March 8, 2015

Zoya Pinks

Hello Gorgeous!!!

Spring is in the air finally in Indiana so of course I needed a spring manicure! For some reason pink just always screams spring to me. Plus it was a great chance to use my new pink Zoyas I got in January during their sale. 

The first one I had to try was Dana. It is a bright, dark pink. I used some nail art polishes in white, black and silver glitter to do a waterfall nail on my ring and pointer finger. Lastly, a coat of Deborah Lippman's Hard Rock as top coat. 

On my next manicure I used Erika and Tinsley together. 

Out of the two, Tinsley which is shown on my middle and ring finger was my favorite. It has a really soft sparkle built into it and it was gorgeous in the light! I also used Tinsley to do the waterfall striping along with black and silver nail art polish. The soft pink polish on my thumb, pointer, and pinkie finger is Erika. It also had a soft gold shimmer built into it as well. I had to use it over two coats of white polish because it is a very sheer pink. 

Hope you love it! Also you can check out some of my other nails pics on my instagram account, GENIEWTDBH.

Until next time, enjoy the gorgeous weather!!!