Friday, November 15, 2013

New Bundle Monster Stamps and Shades of Gray

Hello to all my favorite bloggers!! Oh how I have missed you! I recently went on a trip to visit some of my bestie's in California and for some reason all that flying just made me have a million shades of gray and steel stuck in my head!

Of course I couldn't just stamp. I had some metal studs calling my name and a silver glitter Essie polish that I can't seem to leave alone.

I used the love stamp on Bundle Monster's plate BM412 along with Konad's Red Special stamping polish on top of Illamasqua's white polish called Scorch on my ring finger and added 2 black rhinestones as well. Then I used 3 coats of Essie's gorgeous silver glitter, Set in Stones on my Pinky for some needed bling.

Next I used two coats of Kleancolors dark gray, Charcoal, on  my thumb, Orly's Decoded on my pointer finger, and OPI's I Don't Give A Rotterdam on my middle finger. 

Next I added some triangle metal studs and then I finally had enough bling to curb even my insatiable hunger for glitz!

 Lastly, I used to coats of Out The Door Top coat and my look was complete. Unfortunately I was totally saddened because the metal studs did not travel well. LOL I had already lost most of them by the time I actually made it to California! Seeing as this time I had only used clear polish to attach them, maybe next time I will try nail glue for better longevity. Anyways, I ended up loving the finished look. I can't wait to try out more stamps from Bundle Monster's 4th set. What do you guys think???

XOXO Jeannie 


  1. This Nail art looks really nice!
    I like the light grey polish from Orly!

    x julia