Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blue Christmas with Sinful Colors

Hey ladies!

Hope your having a fabulous holiday season! I have been burning the candle at both ends working a record of like 76 or so hours a week between both my jobs. Whew, am I ready for a break! But I just keep picturing dollar signs so I will have enough money to pay for my wedding next year. (Fingers crossed LOL)

For Some reason I just felt like having a little blue in my life and wanted to try some of the new Sinful Colors polishes I picked up the other day from Walgreens. I was so glad I did!! I found two awesome polishes that I totally fell in love with. 

Here is a photo of the polishes I used.  Starting with the one on the left it is Ice Dream. I used this on top of the polish in the middle which is Rainstorm on my pointer finger. I LOVED Ice Dream! It looks so gorgeous and sparkling in the lighting at work. People could not stop staring at it! Rainstorm applied fabulously and was opaque in 2 coats. Can't beat that! Then for my all time favorite BLUE STEEL, which I used on my ring finger and my thumb (not shown) What did I love about this color??? Hmmm besides the awesome name (think ZOOLANDER LOL), I loved the metallic blue hue it had and it also applied fantastically. All in all I LOVED this manicure I just wish I would have remembered to clean the excess polish off my cuticles before taking pics. I feel like I don't even see it in person and then I take the picture and I am like WTF where did all that extra polish come from! Here's a couple more shots and if I don't end up posting again before Christmas, I hope everyone  has a beautiful one!!!! 

XOXO Jeannie