Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gia Dots

Hi Chickies!!!

Today I have a fun manicure using one of my favorite red polishes. Now that the weather has changed I am really starting to feel a lot more fallish LOL I even baked cookies this week! (Now that is saying something because I am the world's worst baker)

This is 2 coats of Zoya's beautiful red in Gia on my thumb, pointer and pinky finger. I just love this polish. It's definitely the exact red I think of when I think of beautiful red manicures. I then put 3 coats of OPI by Sephora's White Hot polish on my middle and ring finger. Even after 3 coats I still felt like it came out streaky, but since I knew I was putting dots on it I figured it was fine.

I used two sized dotting tools to make the dots on my middle and ring finger. lastly since I couldn't live without a little sparkle I used Kleancolor's Red Hot to add some sparkle on my pinky finger.

The sparkle is really hard to see in the pictures for some reason, but it is really pretty in person because it has all different sized glitter flakes in it. (I found a better picture of it from a previous post HERE)  If you don't have it already it is definitely an awesome one to add to your collection...
Lastly just as a PS to myself, I have a couple of pictures of products that I have totally loved using and thought I might share with you all as well in case it was something you were debating upon. (Hope you don't mind that I strayed a bit LOL)
As you can see I have used up just about all of this hand lotion. It retails for about $16 from places like Birchbox or Sephora. Due to the glycerin it does have a bit of a funky smell at first but it quickly dissipates and I loved how it feels on my hands and cuticles.
I used this Smashbox Dark Spot Correcting primer for several months and absolutely loved it! Not only did it feel great on and do a good job as a primer under my make up but it also actually made a noticeable difference on some of the old acne scars I had. Unfortunately, it didn't a thing for all the freckles I was hoping would disappear, but I'm not entirely sure that was a realistic expectation in the first place LOL. I am totally sad to be out of this. It retails for $42 at Ulta and Sephora, so I guess I will just have to cave and get more soon.

I'm going to try this Pores No More next by Benefit and see if it really does all it promises...

And since I seem to have posted pictures of everything else today, here is a picture of the cookies I was so excited actually came out. They were Raspberry Thumbprints. (Someone obviously ate some of these before I could even take a picture LOL) That's it for now! Enjoy your week and thanks for reading! It totally makes my day XOXO

Monday, September 9, 2013

Nails Inc Bling It On Kit

Hello Ladies!!!

You will be happy to know my internet has finally been restored woohoo!!! While I was super happy about that, of couse, you know he came on Friday when I was supposed to be doing my nails to get ready for the wedding I had that afternoon. Luckily for me I still had not used my Nails Inc Bling it On Romance Kit yet that I got on clearance at Sephora a month or so ago. I figured this would be the perfect time to bust it out since I was really short on time and needed my nails to look great all weekend. I had both a wedding on Friday and a bridal shower to go to on Sunday.

Sorry for the crappy picture, like I said ATT took forever, so I was freaking out with the short amount of time I had left to get ready once he left. I ended up loving this kit though. It came with two mini polishes both of which were completely opaque in 2 quick coats and were the great quality you come to expect from Nails Inc. My absolute favorite though had to be the bows!!! They just look so great on and I can't tell you the endless amounts of compliments I got on them. You will be happy to know it came with the glue and orange sticks to attach any of the extra accessories you want. Also, I am thrilled to report that I still have everything properly attached today!!! (Monday, 3 days later... even after surviving a somewhat druken Friday night partying!) Now on to the pictures!

I decided to try out all the different accessories that came with the kit except one of them. They was one other type of rhinestone that came in this kit that is not shown. The kit even says that they use Swarovski gems, fancy huh?! LOL Aren't the bows adorable!!! I 'm also pretty sure you can reuse them since they are metal backed assuming you notice when they fall off and can keep them. What do you guys think? I ended up loving them and will definitely buy more of the kits if they also go on clearance again. Normal price was $25 I believe, which was a little high for my blood. But still might be worth it since you have enough things to get at least 3 different manicures out of if not more. I highly suggest this kit for anyone! It was so easy to use and literally came with everything you would need except for top coat.  Here's a couple more pics I snapped. Enjoy your week!!! XOXO

Friday, September 6, 2013

China Glaze Ikat Nails

Hey everyone! Due to my recent move and a complete screw up by AT&T, I still have no internet (don't even get me started on that...). Thus, I am forced to try to upload this from my phone. (Fingers crossed)

For this look I used China Glaze's That's Shore Bright. Isn't it a beautiful neon lavender! Kleancolor's Dolly Girl is the lavender glitter polish. Lastly I used Sinful Colors Shine in At Sea, Illamasqua's Scotch , n Wet n Wilds Ebony hates Chris to do the Ikat pattern and topped everything with a coat of OTD top coat.

Hope you guys like it! In the mean time I will just have to continue to yell at AT&T on a daily basis until internet can be restored. How annoying! I genuinely HATE being mean to anyone on the phone :( However, in this case they DEFINITELY deserve it ! Lol I better end this before it gets bad! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend XOXO