Friday, August 9, 2013

Dots on Stripes and some more Sephora Sale Goodies

Hi Ladies!!!!

Today I have a new manicure that was so fun to do. I don't know why, probably just my love of all things glitter LOL.



For this manicure I used OPI's I'm Indi-A Mood For Love, which is a gorgeous pink, on my thumbs, middle and ring finger. I used 2 coats even though it was opaque with one and OTD top coat.

Next I used Essie's awesome silver glitter polish called Set in Stone on my pinkie and pointer fingers. It took me 3 coats to get a totally opaque glitter nail. I absolutely can not abdicate this glitter polish enough. With just 1 coat of OTD top coat it was completely smooth unlike most glitter polishes which seem to just eat up all your top coat and are still textured no matter how many coats you use.  Lastly, I used Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris to draw the lines and my dotting tool to make the black dots. Then I used Illamaqua Scorch to do the smaller white dots inside of the black dots. I totally love this retro print!

Just in case anyone was wondering the black flower is for your hair and can be found at The Icing on clearance for $1.88. I also got some more polishes from Sephora inside of JCP because their Sephora by OPI polishes that were already marked down 50% off to $4.50 are even cheaper now and are on sale 3 for $10 making them about $3.33 woohoo!!!

As you can see, I couldn't just buy 3 lol somehow I ended up with 6, whoops! Sorry the picture wasn't very good! I got (from left to right) Metro Too Chic, Chestnuts About You, White Hot, Never Enough Sleep, Traffic Stopper Copper,  & To the Glitter End at the very top. Enjoy your weekends!


  1. Cute nails! I love that flower!I swear I thought I was a ring lol. I have a smaller flower ring I included in one of my blogs. That was an awesome sale on those OPI polishes!

    1. It would definitely make a gorgeous, but huge ring LOL. Yeah my local Sephora in JCP had tons of sale items... You should see how many false eyelashes I bought since they were on clearance for $2.99 with the glue!!!

  2. Love these! They are soo pretty! BTW I nominated you for a Liebster Award, check out my profile for more details :)

    Lorraine xx