Thursday, March 1, 2012

Neon Chevron

Hello March! Now we're that much closer to Spring!!! I must have really been feeling it because my manicure is super bright. Almost obnoxiously so in sunlight. :D

I just bought a few (OK like 6 YIKES!)  new polishes from the Sinful displays at Walgreens that caught my eye and I couldn't wait to try them out. I'll have to put up a picture of all of them in my next post because I don't have the names with me now.

This was another tape manicure. For this I found it much easier to use the straight edge of tape pieces rather than cut out the triangle shape so that they would hopefully turn out more symmetrical. While my taping technique could still use a bit more practice, I did love the colors together so I decided I should post it anyways! Sorry there aren't more pictures but I did this at about 2 AM and my camera was completely out of batteries so I had to wait until the morning to get any picture at all! 

Since I was dealing with neon, I needed a good opaque base down first. For this I used a white polish by Sinful called Snow Me White. It took 2 coats for it to be all the way opaque. Then I used only one coat of a bright neon yellow by Sinful called Neon Melon. Next I used two pieces of tape to block out the triangle area  and painted what was exposed with a beautiful blue polish from Sinful's Petal Pushers colors called Savage. I probably should have done a 2nd coat with Savage but my eyes were seriously drooping! After that dried I used three pieces of tape to block out one side of the Chevron. I then used a sparkly dark gun metal color by Sinful called Secret Admirer to do the Chevron because I couldn't resist a little bling. Too bad it doesn't show up in the picture! I let it dry a few seconds and then moved the top piece of tape over to do the other side of the Chevron. Then a coat of Seche Vite for shine! Hope this makes you feel like spring is a bit nearer. 

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