Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jagged French

Hope  everyone is enjoying their leap day! Did anyone do anything special that they only do every four years??? I thought we would have a wacky day at work or something to honor the occasion, but sadly no such luck. 

Today I have an extra special manicure to post because it is one I did on my Mom while I was visiting her. I think I truly have my mom to blame for my love of nail polish. She's from the Philippines and has just about the tiniest hands on an adult woman I have ever seen. Growing up she always had the most gorgeous nails and I always wished mine would turn out the same. Sadly, I could never get mine to grow out very long before I completely wrecked them. So thank goodness for UV gel or I would still have nothing but stubs! Well on to the manicure. She was kind enough to step out of her box of monochromatic nails and let me try out a scotch tape french on her. 

(See what I mean about the tiny hands!) This was two coats of a coral toned Sinful called Blaze. Over that I put a coat of Sinful's Pinky Glitter, which is a light pink glitter polish. I then used scotch tape and Wet & Wild's Black Creme to do the black design and Seche Vite to finish it off. What really helped make my design crisp was sticking two pieces of scotch tape on top of each other and then cutting out the design because it made it so much sturdier and easier to apply to the nail just right.

Sorry the picture's a bit blurry but I had forgotten to take a picture while I was there so my mom once again tried something new and not only took the picture herself with her phone but also learned how to text it to me! I couldn't be prouder LOL. Hope you like it and enjoy what's left of your leap day! 

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