Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lost my Marbles Water Marbling

Happy Hump Day!! I'm just barely managing to make it through the day with out wanting to run out of work. It doesn't help that the weather is absolutely gorgeous outside... We're talking 80 degrees in NW Indiana in the middle of March, that's like unheard of. So you can imagine why I would rather be anywhere than in the office right now :(  Oh well... 

After a horrendous failed attempt on my friend Carmen's nails, we never even dipped one of her nails! The nail polish would not cooperate and do anything we wanted it to! This was my first attempt at water marbling on myself and I must admit it was a bit more tedious that I thought it would be. I honestly thought I was well prepared after further researching by watching the videos and reading all the advice on the subject, but no such luck. I did get better towards the end and I definitely noticed that some polishes work better for this than others. In the end I really only had one or two nails that I really liked and the rest were just so so to me.

I first applied 2 coats of Sinful's Snow Me White, and then put tape around my nails once they were dry to try and avoid a huge polish mess from the marbling. Sorry I didn't bother cleaning up the polish on my cuticles for this since I knew I would just have to do it again after the marbling.

I then used Pure Ice in Wild Thing, Sinful's Neon Melon, Irish Green, CoCoa Diamond, and then I tried to put a dab of a glitter polish in my Sinful called Green Ocean, but that didn't really show up at all. 

This one was my favorite. It was the pinky finger on my right hand, so the very last one I did. It turned out pretty different than the others for some reason, but I think that by the end I finally got the hang of it LOL. Sorry it's a bit blurry! 

 All in all I would definitely try this again and hope that I could perfect it a lot more. I also want to try the non water marbling technique I saw on Pinterest a few days ago. It looked a lot less messy. 

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