Friday, March 2, 2012

Dash and Grab

Well no new manicure today but at least it's Friday so there is something to be happy about. I just wanted to put the picture up of all the new Sinful polishes I grabbed from Walgreens the other day that I promised. All of them except the first and the last were in a new display even though the colors themselves are not necessarily new.

Starting at the left, the first is Snow Me White which I used in my last post and really liked. The second was displayed in the new Petal Pusher display and is called Pinky Glitter. I used this on the manicure before last that I did for my mom. I just thought it was mediocre, but it could also have been the coral color I put it on top of??? I am thinking I might like it better over a black. The green glitter I found in the new St Patrick's display and is called Green Ocean. I can't wait to try it. The fouth is also a Petal Pusher called Hazard. The fifth is a Petal Pusher called Savage that I used on the last manicure. I just love this hue of blue! The last one called Courtney OrangeI randomly found in a huge bin they had all mixed together and it stood out because it was a strage shiny burnt orange. Originally it was from the Go Plaid display. I can't wait to think up some new manicures to use these with. Enjoy the weekend! 

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