Friday, March 23, 2012

Dry Marbling and a Giveaway!!!

Happy Friday!!! I'm so glad it's the weekend. I wanted something bright and peppy since the skies have turned dark and gray, so i decided this was an excellent time to try out the dry marbling technique I have been seeing on Pinterest with my neons. It didn't turn out as lovely as I would like, but it was worth a try...

I first painted all of my nails with a white by Sinful called Snow Me White just like I did with the regular water marbling nails. (2 coats) 
Sorry I didn't clean up the polish off my cuticles until the end...

 I then used the polishes in the picture below by putting but a couple drop of each color on my nail and then swirling it around with a toothpick. This was definitely wayyyyy cleaner than the water marbling, but I don't think it really looks all the similar either, unless I just did it wrong???

Also, I was soooooo excited to get all my packages I ordered from Ebay!!! I got 12 new Kleancolor polishes, which are all gorgeous! I have never used their polish before so I am excited to see what they will look like. I was also really excited for some new stamping image plates by MASH. Imagine my surprise when I ripped them open and thought to myself "UH-oh these look really familiar." Yup that's right I apparently already have the exact same images from Konad!!!!! So guess what, do you smell a give away coming up or what?!

 So I've decided that when I get to 10 followers I will be giving these brand new plates away to a few random followers!!! Spread the word if you know anyone interested in some free Image plates.  Enjoy your weekend!