Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Splash of Green (So I won't get PINCHED)!!!

Hi!!! I hope everyone is getting the gorgeous weather that we have been getting all week. I have loved it, but it makes it really hard to want to come inside and post. Sorry I've been slacking! I just wanted to start posting some of the green St. Patrick's day looks I have been doing in preparation for this Saturday's fun.

First I started with 2 coats of ELF's Desert Haze. This is a light tan. It almost reminds me of a color you would paint your house. LOL

I then taped off a diagonal using scotch tape. I had a picture of this downloaded but for some reason it is not showing up. Go figure... I used 2 coats of Urban Decay polish in Green-9. I loved this shade of green. It reminds me of Forrest green from the Crayola box, which was one of my childhood favorites! Alone or with other polishes it was gorgeous and the consistency made it a dream to work with. I then added a little red flower rhinestone on my middle finger that I got in a pack at the dollar store. 

When adding rhinestones I usually just stick it on to the wet top coat and then apply another layer of top coat over that. 

I kept this on for a few days until I noticed that the ELF polish had started to yellow almost to a mustard color and it was looking kinda gross... So just for kicks using Wet & Wild's black creme I added another diagonal stripe using scotch tape. 

Can you see the yellowing towards the bottom of my nails... This drove me nuts because I kept thinking they looked dirty all the time. Besides that I really did love this manicure. 

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