Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Purrrrrfect Kitty Cat

Hi! Sorry it's been awhile. Kind of had a crazy weekend here but I'm trying to get back on track. I really wanted to try a water marble manicure today but I ended up not having time because I made dinner and then my mom actually got on skype so that took up a lot of time. So I was forced to take the easy road since I couldn't show up to work tomorrow with my nails in the mess they were in. Seriously, it was bad...

This is a kitty cat nail design. I purchased these tips from my favorite nail supply store online at Maytheps. I want to say they were less than $2 for like 70 tips. This is the package below.

As you can see I really had to trim them down a lot after I glued them because they are WAYYYYYY too long for me. Here's a better picture of what the label looks like in case that helps too.

I used two coats of base gel and then one coat of top coat gel after gluing. Curing for 3 minutes under the UV lamp between each coat. Then I cleaned them off with the Gel Cleanser. It couldn't be easier to achieve a great looking manicure. Well I better run, I still have to post on my other new blog, NuVerus Weight Loss Challenge. Check it out if you get a chance :)

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