Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bye Bye Blog Virginity!!!

It seems like I started typing this blog at least 20 times only to delete it and start again. I guess I'll just have to get over it and post this already. I mean let's face it no one's first time went perfectly right?!

Ultimately, if you can't tell by the title, this blog will be about sharing my love of nails. Although, it appears that I seem to have a bit of typing ADD so it is very likely that there are going to be times in which I will completely digress. I'll just go ahead and apologize for that in advance now. Hopefully you will bear with me and keep the eye rolling to a minimum.

I am definitely not a professional. Doing my nails is simply one of the creative outlets I really enjoy in life. I have been painting my own nails along with any one else's I could get my hands on probably since before I was even 12 years old. I'm 28 now, so 16 years of practice can't be all bad.

I have gotten so much inspiration from browsing through different blogs I can only hope that mine would inspire someone else too. So on that note I better get started! (Wish me luck...)

Valentine nails 1: The "Love-ly" Rose

My own nails are really short and don't seem to grow at all. Since October I have been doing my own gel nails since I got a UV lamp for my birthday courtesy of my boyfriend parents (They are awesome btw). It's like the gift that keeps on giving!

For this polish I used 2 coats of ELF polish in Hot Pink. The ELF polish went on very nicely but I will warn you the smell was very strong. The picture is pretty true to the actual color. As you can see it sadly came out more red looking than Hot Pink like the name implied so that was a bit of a let down. In the future I think I would much rather use this color on my toes than on my fingers. Apparently this is just a personal preference since it seemed to be a big hit with all my clients at work.

For the designs I used Konad's white stamping polish along with my Bundle Monster set 1 stamping plates. For the "Love" stamp I used Bundle Monster plate BM09. The rose was plate BM14 and the little heart designs were from plate BM17.

If you've never used a nail stamping set, I highly recommend them. The designs come out a million times nicer looking than I could ever hope to free hand. However, they can be a bit time consuming because you do have to keep wiping the plates and scrapers clean in between each stamp. 

The final touch was a coat of Seche Vite fast dry top coat, which is my all time favorite quick dry. It dries amazingly fast and the shine is awesome too! Hope you enjoyed this look, I know I did!

PS. I promise to include more pictures with the steps for future blogs. When I took this photo a few weeks ago I had no idea I was going to try nail blogging. 

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