Monday, February 20, 2012

Last of the Valentine's

Hey! Welcome back! Hope everyone had as great of a weekend as I did! I got to see my mom which was awesome since I haven't seen her in almost a year. Today, or rather tonight seeing as it's about 9 o'clock right now, I just wanted to finish up the last of the Valentine's Day designs. I didn't have a lot of pictures of these designs so I figured I would just post them together. Then I can finally move on to St. Patrick's Day! ( I kind of skipped over President's day on accident, whoopsie!)

This is 2 coats of NYC Polish that I have had for some time now. If it had a sticker with a name on it I have long since picked it off back when I didn't think it would matter if I knew what the name was!  It did have a number on the front which is 116A if that helps.  I then put a thin coat of Sinful Colors in Forget Now on top of that, which is a sheer glittery kind of hot pink. Even though my nails appear mostly red in this picture in direct light it had a really pretty hot pink iridescence to it. I then used white Konad stamping polish and Konad stamping plate #M4 on my ring fingers as an accent nail. Oh, and of course a coat of Seche Vite to finish off.

For this look I was really inspired by this idea I saw on Chloesnails that I just loved! This was a really fun design to create because I got to I try several different things I had never tried before. First I did the base which was 2 coats of Rimmel Black Satin. I then used my Bundle monster plate #202 for the heart  stamp.

 I finally got to try out using a polish for stamping other than a Konad stamping polish. The results kind of varied. For this nail it worked well, but I definitely can't say that was the case every time like you can with the Konad polish. For this shiny pink stamp I used Avon Speed-Dry in Feisty. Since it was a much thinner polish I felt like I had to do the stamping way quicker because it dried so much faster. I then did my coat of Seche Vite dry fast top coat.

I also got to try out both a mattifying polish for the first time and the tape method of doing a french manicure. I normally free hand my french manicure and I must say the tape worked a lot better and made them so much more uniform.  I used Essie's Matte about you polish and regular scotch tape. It was so fun, I can't wait to try both of these a lot more in the future! 

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