Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Color me Happy!

What up blog-o-sphere! Hope you all are having a wonderful day! Despite the gray skies outside all day today I wanted my nails to be super cheerful! As much as I would love to say that I painted these, they are a total cheater :} 

Now before you revoke my polishing club card, I promise not to do this too often, but sometimes it is so much faster when you need a new look in a flash. 

I started by gluing the following tips to my nails and then cutting them down to the size I wanted. I can't stand them too long, because then I couldn't function at work or home! 

I then used a file to rough up my nails a bit so that the gel would adhere better to my nail surface. This was followed by 2 coats of base gel using the UV lamp to cure my nails for 3 minutes in between each application. I followed this with one coat of UV gel Top coat making sure not to get anything on my cuticles. It is also really important to make sure you get the edge of the nail coated as well so that it allows for any shrinkage and then cured them for 3 minutes also. Then I used gel cleanser to rid my nails of that awful sticky residue. Finally I filed any weird edges clean and viola, done! Beautiful and shiny! See I told you it was easy. 

I'm not sure what brand the tips are but I purchased them along with all my other supplies for this from Maytheps. They have a huge variety of supplies at really low prices and their shipping rates are great too. The only thing I didn't purchase from Maytheps was my UV lamp which I got at Sally Beauty Supply for $50. Enjoy! 

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