Friday, July 10, 2015

Formula X Waterfall Manicure

Hello Gorgeous!

Today I have one of my favorite manicures I have done so far to share with you all. It combines sponge gradient and waterfall techniques.

On my pointer and middle finger I started with two coats of  Formula X's  Farenheit. This is a darker red toned polish. I then used to two coats of Illamasqua's Scorch polish on my thumb and pinkie finger which is a gorgeous bright white creme polish. Once they dried, I used two coats of Formula X's Chaotic to add the black spot details. This is honestly one of my favorite black and white nails looks because the different size specks just give the nail such a cool, edgy, almost graffiti like look. Definitely my favorite of this type of polish in any brand, hands down. I then took a clean sponge and some black nail art polish and sponged along the upper portion of my pointer and middle finger close to the cuticle line. Once that dried I used Formula X's Sephora Rouge polish, which is a bright red polish to sponge on the tips of my pointer and middle finger to give it that bright pop of red. I absolutely loved this gradient. The bright red at the tip really made it come to life. 

Lastly I used white and silver glitter art polish to do the waterfall stripes at the tops of my pointer and middle finger. For the ring finger I did a gel rockstar nail using Cartwright's Ultra Fine glitter in Very Cranberry. For a top coat I used Out The Door so everything dried super speedy!

What do you guys think? Hope you are having a great summer!!!



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