Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Star Stamping Fun

Hi all!!! I've really been enjoying checking out all the pictures on everyone's nail blogs lately. It seems there are quite a few different challenges going on and I must say they are producing some gorgeous results! I really contemplated joining to, but being the commitment-phobe (I think I just made that word up but I'm sure you know what I mean) I am, I know I just would not be able to do a post every single day. In the mean time I hit up the $.99 Sinful Colors polish sale at Walgreens and found a pinkish nude called Easy Going that I decided to stamp over. 

3 Coats of Sinful's Easy Going
The polish was fine after the third coat, but the first two were pretty streaky and I really had my doubts whether I could ever get it even. 

I used Konad Special Polish in Black and Bundle Monster plate # BM21 to stamp the star pattern.

I think this might be the best that stamping has ever turned out for me (as I a little victory dance) !!! I then added some black rhinestones to all my nails except for the ring finger on which I added the normal silver rhinestones . Then to make my ring finger sparkle a bit more I loosely dabbed on a few swipes of glitter using Color Club's ornaminty. 

I really loved how these nails came out! They are definitely the longest nails I have ever had. I seriously had my doubts whether or not I would even be able to type with them at this length. (Based on the fact that I am still posting it appears unaffected LOL)  I also decided to go with a more rounded tip versus a square tip that I normally love, at the request of my boyfriend. I think he was staring a little too closely at Fergie's nails from all her new commercials. LOL

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