Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Don't Want to Put My Neon Polish Away Just Yet!

Hiya!!!! So I wanted to make sure my summer manicures ended with a bang.... Not only did I want to use my favorite colors from this season, but I also wanted to incorporate some of the  new techniques I had learned too. So I decided to go with Neon oranges, sponging, and stamping! 

with flash

natural light with out flash
 I started with 2 coats of a fluorescent nail polish from Dots called Light Orange. Then I used a piece of make up sponge to sponge on a darker neon orange by Ruby Kisses HD called Orange you Jealous. This took a lot more sponge coats than I thought it would especially towards the end of the tip where I wanted it more intense in color. 

No flash natural light


I thought this two tone gradient kinda reminded me of tye dye so I decided to go with Peace sign and Love stamping. They are both from the first Bundle Monster set the LOVE is BM09 and the Peace sign is BM07. I used the Konad special white stamping polish for this. 

No flash

Flash (Sorry hadn't cleaned off the excess polish yet)

I loved the way the two tone makes me think of the Baywatch title screen LOL. I think if I would have used black stamping polish then it would have even more so. Unfortunately, my poor black special stamping polish has come to a bad end :( but from what I have read on other blogs a lot of other black polishes with work too, so I will have to test that theory out soon! 

Natural light, no flash.


What do you guys think of the finished product?! I loved it! Makes me wish summer wasn't coming to an end; I don't want to put my neon polishes away just yet! 

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