Thursday, September 13, 2012

Grid and Hot Pink & OTD top coat trial

Dare I say it... Four blogging days in a row!!! Woo hoo! Today I just have simple manicure but I just love the colors so much. I had some striping tape that I won off of Ebay that I was dying to try out too.

This is two coats of an old Sinful Colors Hot Pink polish (sorry it's so old the sticker came off with the name. It is in the old bottle styles.) on all my fingers except the ring finger which has two coats of Sally Hansen's Extreme Wear in Blackout. 

Then I used the white striping tape to make a grid pattern. I love hot pink with black and white! I just wish I had gotten a wider width striping tape though... Oh well maybe on my next Ebay hunt LOL. For the top coat I actually put aside my Seche Vite and tried a new one I found at Meijer, but I know they also sell at Sally's Beauty Supply. It's called INM Out The Door super fast drying top coat.

Now, how did it compare to my favorite SV, you may be asking yourself??? I actually found it pretty comparable as far as speed of drying, with SV drying just a teensy bit faster. I did like the consistency of OTD much better than SV. SV is a lot thicker and halfway through the bottle I have to add it to another bottle of SV otherwise it gets too thick to use. With OTD this does not happen because it is much thinner. I did find that I got less bubbling and no shrinking with OTD also. The only con was that it takes longer to dry all the way through the nail polish with OTD than with SV. I would say the shine was definitely comparable between the two. Price wise  OTD was only $1 cheaper for the regular size bottle.

So overall I would have to say that really I would use both depending on how much time I had to have my manicure dry all the way through and how thick I wanted my polish to turn out when finished. Which do you guys like best??? Do you have any recommendations for even better top coats ??

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