Friday, February 1, 2013

Bundle Monster Stamping , OPI Unfor-Greta-bly Blue, & Zoya Yummy

Hi All!!! Today I am posting one of the manicures where I finally had a little time to play around with more of my Bundle Monster Stamps I got for Christmas :D Plus I was so excited that my new Zoya polishes I ordered from the Zoya promotion finally arrived. You know I couldn't wait to use those either!

First I started by using 2 coats of a gorgeous dark blue with a bit of metallic qualities by OPI called Unfor-Greta-bly Blue. 

Then on just  my pointer and pinkie finger I used a sponge and a light sky blue by Zoya called Yummy to do a bit of a gradient. (Sorry I somehow I just got so excited for the next step I didn't even take a picture of this LOL)

Next I was on to the stamping my favorite/most infuriating part! I love how they turn out when you can get them just right, but sometimes when you have a bad transfer it is absolutely maddening! Especially because if you aren't careful you have to paint your whole nail all over again which isn't half as bad as just being patient enough for it to all dry all over again. ( Can you tell I was irritated or what?! Ha ha!) 

For the thumb and middle finger I used Bundle Monster Plate 322 for the hounds tooth pattern. 

Then on my pointer finger I used the large owl stamp and the small owl stamp for my pinkie from Bundle Monster Plate 309.

Finally for the finishing touches I added some dark & light blue rhinestones and a blue glitter polish from Urban outfitters that I won as a blog giveaway prize. Phew that was a lot to write and even more to do! Hope you like it :D