Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Butter London's Fairy Cake and Cheetah print

Good morning everyone! Today I am super excited to share a manicure that I saw on Pinterest and couldn't wait to try out for myself.

This is my version. I didn't have the exact colors that the original did and for some reason I don't even have a black nail polish I could find. You can see the original here. For this manicure I used 3 coats of Funky Fingers on all my nails but the middle and ring. For those, I used 3 coats of Butter London's Fairy Cake.

I used a couple coats of Out The Door top coat to speed up the drying polish on the glitter. This also really helped to make it smooth so that the polish I put over it wouldn't look all lumpy. Then I used my dotting tool to make about 3 dots randomly on my nails. Once those dried I used the dark blue nail art polish to draw 2 or 3 little lines around each dot and then a few miscellaneous dots with the blue here or there by themselves and voila, cheetah! Much easier than I thought it would be to execute and my right hand even came out actually resembling my left which is a welcome change from most of my free hand nail art experiences LOL. I liked it so much I took a bunch more pictures so here ya go :D


  1. Cute mani! Your leopard prints are really cute! :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thanks! This is the first one I ever did that actually turned out right. Lol

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for checking it out! I really appreciate it! :D