Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dot Marks the Spot

Has it really already been 2 weeks since I posted last?! Wow time flew by. Don't worry I have still been doing my nails all this time and taking pictures of them to the mocking amusement of my boyfriend. I just haven't blogged them for some reason. Oh well, guess I'll have a ton for the next few weeks LOL. I was in a pinch for some cheap summer clothes so I ran into Dots to kinda peruse around and found some really fun summer polishes. They were on sale, so I ended up getting 4!!! Whoops! 

from L to R: Light Orange, Light Green, Spectra Green, Neon Orange
The Neon Orange one looks kinda pink in the picture but it is definitely a neon tangerine in person. I knew I really wanted the colors to pop, so I started by putting on a coat of white polish. 

Unfortunately, I didn't realize how sheer and shimmery Break the Ice, a Megalast polish by Wet 'n' Wild, was but it still worked nicely as a base under the neon and dried super fast. Then I used two coats of the Neon Orange on all my fingers except the ring finger which I wanted to keep as an accent finger. On the ring finger I used two coats of the Light Orange. (Sorry I hate that the orange is showing up really pink?!)

Without flash

Then for some stamping fun I used my Red Angel nail plat # 103 to stamp polka dots with the Neon Orange polish on my accent finger.


Without flash
Hope you like them! They were super bright and really pretty simple! Took me no time at all! Over all I would have to say that I was fairly impressed with how well the Dots polish went on and the quality of the polish. I wasn't really sure what to expect since I only paid $1.25 a polish. So, if you get the chance to try them, I would say give it a go. They worked well for me. 

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