Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Formula X Valentine Nails

Hey all!!!

I was so excited to get one of the new Formula X The System Kit. It comes with a cleanse step, primer/ base coat step, quick drying top coat, and an empty spot to choose your own shade. I decided to pick a gorgeous red called Fahrenheit. I also got one of Formula X's Xplosive Top Coats called Chaotic. It is a clear top coat with all kinds of Black and White specks. 

I loved the bast coat that came with this kit because it dried to a sticky finish and really seemed to hold the polish color on well. I used 2 coats of Fahrenheit on my thumb and pinkie nails, even though it was opaque in 1 coat. I put 3 coats of Sephora by OPI's White Hot on my pointer, middle, and ring finger. Then I used 2 coats of Chaotic on my middle and ring finger. I just love the black and white specks. Almost gives it a marbled effect. Then I used the skinny nail art brushes to create hearts, dots, and stripes. I wasn't entirely happy with the pointer finger since it kinda of reminds me of Adidas for some reason. I finished it all up with a coat of the Top coat was loved how glossy the finish was. Plus it did dry super fast. 

All in all I must say I am totally in love with the new Formula X polishes! I can't wait to get more! Hope everyone has a fab Valentines Day! 



  1. Hi your nails look really pretty !
    Thanks a lot for following my blog I hope your liking it
    Halima from

    1. Thank you so much for checking out my blog! I am totally loving yours! If only my crochet was up to par LOL!

  2. Your soooo welcome! Ame I definitely loved your blog too!♥ it's ok I am sure you will learn soon! And I am just a teenager (15) who started learning so your words are really flattering!♡♥