Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Love Sick Puppy

Hi Gals!!!!

I know it has been some time since I last posted. Sorry, what can I say except that life gets crazy and in the way of doing my nails A LOT. I switched branches where I work full time as well as still keeping my second job from Christmas, so it has definitely taken it's toll on the amount of time I have for not only doing the nail art, but then blogging about it. I definitely admire some of my favorite nail blogs for the amount of dedication it takes to do both every day.

Now that I have apologized, on to the manicure!

with flash

For this manicure I knew I wanted to use the gorgeous Love Sick Puppy pink. I decided to do a glitter gradient using another new glitter I ordered from Carwright's, a light mint green glitter called Crème de Menthe. Then for fun I glued on a 3D Lollipop using nail glue. This was a super quick manicure but I am dreading having to take it off... Especially since I had to put a UV Gel Top coat on it to make it smooth. Hope everyone is having a nice summer :)

without flash

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