Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Everything that Glitters is Gold

Hey! Today I am so excited to show you a couple of the new Butter London polishes I got from Coterie. (If you want to check it out feel free to message me your email and I will be happy to refer you!) I was so excited to be able to get these Butter Polishes for such a great price. I got three polishes for about $16 including shipping which was awesome, because they normally retail for $14 each, which I could never afford, unless I only bought like one polish a year or something LOL

This is what my finished manicure looked like. but I think I loved it at almost every step of the way too!

I first started with two coats of All Hail the Queen. This polish went on gorgeous even in one coat, and dried really fast. The formula was a dream to work with so I can kinda see why they charge $14 for it. I could ALMOST justify it, it went on that nice! Plus all the holographic shimmering undertones made it so pretty and multi-dimensional. Needless to say, I left this on alone for a few days because I was so enamored with it! 

Next I applied a coat of Butter London's West End Wonderland which is the gorgeous gold glitter you see here . What I really loved about this polish was how fine the gold glitter was so it only took one layer of top coat. Unlike some of the other glitters I own, which even after 3 coats seem to be begging for more. Then I put a little bit of Sinful Colors teal glitter polish called (how fitting) Nail Junkie to add a little accent nail. I ended up really loving these two together. 

Overall, I really just can not say enough good things about the Butter polishes. If you have the budget for it, they are totally worth it and if your like me and you don't, here's to hoping for another great sale. :D

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